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Tips to save at airports

At airports everything is much more expensive. We often pay much more for products that would be substantially cheaper in establishments in any town or city. A sandwich does not cost below €4.50, and if it is a ham sandwich, the prize is around €7.50; a bottle of water costs about €4 and the price of a coffee ranges between €2.50 and €4.50. In short, exorbitant prices.

Don't panic! It's possible to go to the airport without getting out of an arm and a leg. In this post, we give you tips and tricks that will help you to save at airports during your trip

1. Don't forget to get an empty refillable bottle 
We advise you to bring an empty refillable bottle from home in your travel bag to avoid expensive water prices at the airport. This way can be filled out from the free sources that you can find while you wait for your flight to depart.

Remember that if the bottle is full you will not be able to pass it through security, so make sure you bring it empty.

2. Bring your own food
The food is usually expensive and not always as healthy and delicious as we would like. Instead of paying a lot more for a simple plate of food, we recommend you bring food from home. Or a sandwich from the corner bar. You will save a lot and surely be much delicious. 

Don't forget to bring a snack, some nuts, some potatoes, some cereal bars... in case you get hungry while you wait for your flight to take off.

3. Prepare your cell phone for the trip 
Getting good WiFi in an airport is a complicated mission, if not almost impossible. In addition, excessively expensive rates apply for a service that is often painfully slow.

Plan b is to use your personal mobile hotspot. Check your rate to adapt the rate so that the data does not cost you at the price of caviar.

4. Be proactive, take an extra battery 
Being cautious is fundamental when you go to the airport. Delays, especially during holiday periods, are frequent. If that happens, the waiting day will be long, and your cell phone will surely be your star entertainment. That is why it is important to get an external battery. Although some airports have spaces with power outlets, there are rarely enough to go around, so packing a portable battery pack in your luggage can save you from boredom.

5. Find out about the VIP room
The VIP lounges sound like a space reserved for Business or “ priority ” trips, but you should know, that they are open to everyone who pays their price. On a long stopover or a considerable delay, it can be a good option, since for around €39 and €44 you can access it, having more comfortable seats, an open bar with snacks and sometimes even showers.

6. Choose the right travel card
Find out about the advantages of your credit card. Some offer a free first-checked bag for the cardholder and sometimes, also for companions traveling on the same itinerary.

7. If you want to travel in business, change your ticket at the airport.
Sometimes, if the plane is empty or if you are a user of the airline's loyalty program, the gate agent can get you a business class upgrade at no additional cost. But even if you have to pay, it will be much cheaper at the airport than online. Be polite to the staff and arrive early to ensure that the business seats are still available and you can upgrade cheaply.

8. Check the weight and measurements of your luggage
Knowing the weight and measurements of your suitcase before leaving home is crucial to avoid paying extra for being overweight. If you travel with a low airline cost, it's important not to exceed the limitations, as they tend to be more restrictive. Keep in mind that each airline has its own policy regarding luggage measurements and weight 

9. Reserve parking at the airport
If you travel by car to the airport and need to leave it parked in the parking during your trip, be sure to reserve a space in advance because if you do it on the same day, it is usually more expensive.

10. Reservation in aparca&go
Leaving your car in the aparca&go parking lot is 70% cheaper than leaving it in an official parking lot. Furthermore, if you book as a registered user you can accumulate euros and get bonuses of between 3% and 6% on services, among many other benefits.

6% discount only when booking from the App

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