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How much will it cost to pass the ITV in Spain in 2023?

It is possible that you have spent days trying to find a space in your busy schedule to go to the ITV, but you do not feel like it and also, any other task is ahead on your list of priorities. It's normal, this happens to most drivers. The process of passing the ITV is very ungrateful, it not only takes time but also involves an economic outlay.

If you want to know what you can do to comply with this procedure without worries, comfortably, and without wasting time, we invite you to continue reading this article in which we inform you about the prices of the ITV in 2023 and how we can help you in the process of the inspection of your car.


How is the ITV price set?

ITV prices may vary between autonomous communities and even from one center to another within the same community. It is the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism that is in charge of updating the prices, establishing a base that each autonomous community is subsequently in charge of adjusting based on factors such as, for example, the per capita income of the community.

In addition, another factor that affects the final price of the ITV is the type of vehicle and the propulsion system it uses, that is, if it is a diesel or gasoline car.

It is important to take all these variables into account when choosing where to carry out the ITV of your car.


What is checked on ITV?

When passing the ITV, a series of evaluations contained in the ITV Station Inspection Procedure Manual must be carried out. Regardless of whether the cost is more expensive or cheaper, in all ITV, you must:

  • Check the exterior and interior conditioning of the vehicle.
  • Check signage and lighting.
  • Ensure that the vehicle does not produce polluting emissions.
  • Check the braking system, steering, wheels, suspension, and axles.
  • Check engine and transmission.

All these evaluations are mandatory and best of all, we can do them for you. By reserving your car park with Aparca&go you can also contact our ITV service, leave your car in our hands and we will take care of passing the inspection.

Passing the ITV is an unpleasant procedure for drivers, especially due to the long waits, the loss of time, and the economic cost involved.

However, it is an official and mandatory procedure for all motorized vehicles that are more than four years old, and it is of vital importance to always have the car in its optimal state of circulation.

Driving illegally, with the inspection of the ITV without being approved or expired, means committing a serious infraction that will be punished with up to 200 euros, and can even reach a 500-euro fine if the traffic agent considers that the vehicle can cause road safety problems.

Regardless of the economic cost of not passing the ITV or driving with it expired, the biggest problem is endangering the safety of all people who travel on public roads. Therefore, everyone must keep the vehicles in proper condition and check them when appropriate.


Prices of the ITV with fees, according to type of vehicle, by autonomous community

Every year the ITV prices change. So that you have all the information at hand and updated, we inform you of the prices for each vehicle category in 2023 in Barcelona and Madrid, cities where our ITV service is currently active.

In Barcelona, the price of passing the ITV for a diesel car is €45.59 and €40.6 for catalyzed gasoline cars. For their part, diesel light commercial vehicles will pay €54.98 and for non-catalyzed vehicles and EVs, the cost is €39.58.

For light vehicles the cost, if it is catalyzed, is €48.45, for non-catalyzed vehicles, it is €44.17, and in the case of light diesel vehicles it is €54.98.

All these prices include the DGT tax, which is €4.18, and the corresponding 21% VAT.

If you had to carry out a second inspection, the service fees in Barcelona are €24.83 for diesel cars, €21.88 for catalyzed cars, and €21.25 for non-catalyzed cars and EVs. For light vehicles, the price is €26.60 for catalyzed, €24.03 for non-catalyzed, and €30.50 for diesel.

In the case of Madrid, the management of the centers is liberalized, so prices fluctuate from one center to another. For example, the cost of the ITV for a gasoline car can be between €40 and €50, and in the case of a diesel car, it will range between €55 and €65.

At Aparca&go we pass the ITV of your vehicle while you are traveling

We know that you waste a lot of time organizing the agenda to make room for the ITV, getting the vehicle ready for the day of the inspection, and queuing at the inspection center. All this time you can save it and use it in other matters that are more important. We can help you turn wasted time into free time for you.

Finding the time to pass the ITV is not an easy task, therefore, we have created two exclusive services for aparca&go customers. By reserving in any of our car parks you can also contact our Pass ITV or Pre ITV + Pass ITV service, the one that best suits your needs.

With the Pass ITV service, we take care of picking up your car in our parking lot to take it to a trusted ITV station. Once the technical inspection is over, we return the vehicle to its place, ready to drive with all the papers in order. The only thing we ask of you is that you make sure that your car is ready for the ITV, if not, we recommend you hire the Pre ITV + Pass ITV service.

If, on the contrary, you opt for this second option, you will be reserving our most complete service, ideal for those who do not want to waste time and, in addition, make sure they pass the ITV the first time.

Hiring this service we will inspect your vehicle in our workshop, we will clean and wash it both inside and out, and we will take it to our closest trusted ITV station to pass the technical inspection. Afterward, we will leave it parked in the same parking space where it will wait for you when you return, already checked and ready to drive without problems.

We have created this service expressly for demanding travelers, those who value their time and money. We take care of everything so that you only enjoy if you are on a personal trip or focus on work if you are on a business trip.

In addition, by reserving any of our two technical review services, Pass ITV or Pre ITV + ITV, you will have a 25% discount on your parking reservation.

Take advantage of your work or leisure trips by leaving your car in one of our car parks and reserving any of our two services to pass the technical inspection, and we will take care of absolutely everything. From going to pick up your vehicle, managing the inspection process, and returning your vehicle to the car park so that when you return it is checked and ready to drive on public roads without problems and meeting all road safety requirements.



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