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Change of Filters

Do you find it hard to find the time to go and get your car filters replaced? Driving with dirt and impurities in your car filters can be a major threat... that’s why we have found the best solution: we replace the filters while your car is parked with us and you are on the road.

We replace fuel filters, lubricant oil filters and combustion air filters. If you keep all three filters clean at all times, your car will last much longer, and you’ll be able to save money to travel more. Doesn’t that seem more than a fair deal?

- Fuel filter replacement: the filter is responsible for filtering impurities to prevent damage to engine parts. It deteriorates over time and needs to be replaced. This will prevent your car from becoming very noisy or failing to start. And, if you wait too long, your car could leave you stranded and may not keep up with you. Replacing your fuel filters is recommended approximately every 20,000 km.

- Oil filter replacement: this is the filter that retains the impurities that appear in the engine oil. Replacing this filter is often necessary at the same time as changing the oil, to ensure that the vehicle is not damaged prematurely. It is recommended to replace it at least once a year. Not sure if your car is due yet? Have a look at the colour and smell of the oil: if it is very black or smells burnt, it’s time to take it to the mechanics.

- Air filter replacement: air filters become dirty and greasy the more miles you drive. If you don’t change them at the right time a blockage will form in the air intake which will make the car consume more fuel and be less powerful. If you feel that your car lacks power when accelerating or the smoke coming from your exhaust pipe is very dark, it’s time to replace the air filter.

For these services, we work with a network of partners chosen for their quality standards as a guarantee: Midas, Rodri and BESORA-Bosch, among others.

What’s more, by replacing the filters with aparca&go you will have discounts on the parking service.


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