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ITV Pass

Now you can pass the ITV of your car while you are traveling, at work or taking advantage of the time in what you like the most. We pick up your car in our parking lot and take it to our nearest trusted ITV station. Once the technical inspection of your vehicle has passed, we leave your car in the space where it was parked ready to continue driving with all the papers in order.

Enjoy our ITV  Pass service for €49 VAT included (+taxes). You will also have a 25% discount on your parking space.

Attention: you must make sure that the car is ready to pass the ITV or, if not, contract our Pre ITV + Pass ITV service, which includes the review prior to the ITV.

Pass the ITV and park with a discount

  • With our Pass ITV service, the reservation of your parking space has a 25% discount (this discount is applied from €99 of consumption in Car Service)
  • This applies to both the Express and Premium services and both at airports and at stations
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Park with discount

Book with a 25% discount on parking from 99€ of consumption in Car Service

6% discount only when booking from the App

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