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Service your vehicle while you travel with aparca&go car service

While you are travelling or during your working day, you can make the most of your time by parking at our facilities. We carry out your vehicle’s official annual inspection and stamp your warranty book, so that you can carry on driving with peace of mind.

What’s a car service like with aparca&go? Our mechanics check that everything is working properly. Depending on how old your vehicle is and its mileage, our mechanics will carry out the necessary checks so that you can continue to drive with complete peace of mind. You no longer need to take your car to the official garage: for more than 10 years now, inspections carried out at any mechanic are valid, as long as they comply with the quality standards established by the car manufacturer.

Forget about expensive dealerships, mechanics who make you wait for ages or finding a garage that checks your car model. We take care of everything, so that when you return you find your car ready, with its recently passed inspection, and we will also leave it clean on the outside. So that you can drive it safely and comfortably.

Come and get your inspection done with us now and you can park for free.


Parking can be free

  • With any Car Service the parking can be free
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