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Change of Brakes

The brakes are your car’s main safety system, and you should always have them working at 100%. Don’t know if it’s time to replace your brakes? There is a warning light in many vehicles but there are other factors to keep in mind. For example, strange vibrations when braking, rattling noises or when you notice that the brakes aren’t quite right.

At aparca&go we offer a brake pad and brake disc replacement service. We do it while your car is parked and you are travelling, working, shopping or spending the day with friends. When you return, you will find your car with its brake system replaced and we also clean it.

- Brake pad replacement: according to the most experienced mechanics, the brakes should be replaced every 10,000 km to carry on driving safely.

- Brake disc replacement: they are replaced every 2-3 times the brake pads are. If you don’t know if they need replacing, you can check for scratches, cracks or crevices.

For these services, we work with a network of partners chosen for their quality standards as a guarantee: Midas, Rodri and BESORA-Bosch, among others.

Apart from changing the brakes and getting your car ready to travel safely, you can park for free when booking this service. It couldn’t be any easier.

6% discount only when booking from the App

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