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Frequently asked questions about our Barcelona-El Prat Airport Parking

  • Which terminals of El Prat do you operate at?

    Aparca&go operates at all terminals of El Prat airport, both for the shuttle bus transfer service (Express) as well as for the car collection service at the terminal (Premium).
  • Where are the shuttle bus pick-up points to return to the car park when I get back from my trip?

    • With aparca&go Express you don’t need to call or let us know that you have arrived. Just go to the pick-up point where there will always be an aparca&go shuttle bus waiting for you or about to arrive. In Terminal 1 the pick-up point is located in Car Park G. In Terminal 2 it is between T2B and T2C. Whatever the case, don't worry: when you book we will send you an email with all the instructions, so you won’t have any problems.
    • See pick-up point details here.
  • I have a flight that leaves or arrives in the early hours of the morning. Does aparca&go operate 24 hours a day?

    Yes, we operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Always remember that it’s important to let us know the arrival and return day and time during the booking process.
  • Why do I have to enter the number of passengers when booking?

    We need to know how many of you there will be to calculate the number of shuttle buses we need at any given time and to be able to provide the fastest and most efficient transfer service. Entering more or less passengers doesn’t affect the price of the booking.
  • What services are available for my car?

    Take advantage of the fact you are travelling and enjoy all kinds of maintenance services: your car’s official annual inspection, replacement of oils, fluids, lubricants, replacement of filters, brake pads, brake discs, battery replacement, wiper blade replacement, and we even get your ITV done without you having to worry. You can easily select them during the booking process on our website. If we don’t have the service you are looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch!
  • How and where do I drop-off and pick-up my car with the PREMIUM service?

    If you have booked the PREMIUM service, take your car directly to the departure terminal door at the time indicated on your booking and we will collect your vehicle. All the information and instructions you need will always be included in the booking that you receive by email.
  • I’m worried about COVID19, is it safe to leave my car with aparca&go?

    It’s safe. If you have to travel, moving around in your private vehicle is the safest way to arrive at the airport or station. If you want to be even safer, you can use the Premium service, where you leave your car at the terminal and on returning, we remove the covers and drop it off disinfected. If you prefer the Express service, the shuttle bus which we take you on for a journey of just 5 minutes (with compulsory face covering) is disinfected with spray after each journey and thoroughly disinfected with virucide after each shift.
  • How long does the shuttle bus take to get to the airport?

    It leaves every time a customer arrives at the stop. We have a fleet of 11 shuttle buses, so you won’t have to wait. The journey takes 5 minutes to the boarding area of the departure terminal. You get off the shuttle bus and you are already at the check-in desks. Unlike the official AENA car park, you don't have to go down flights of stairs, wait for lifts or cross endless passageways. However, we recommend you arrive at the car park in plenty of time to park calmly and catch the shuttle bus, which will be waiting for you.
  • How do I get an invoice?

    Register as an aparca&go user and you will always have your invoices available in the user panel. You can also request your invoice when you leave the car park.
  • I don’t know my return day, date or time. Can I book?

    We understand that sometimes you may not know your return date and also, plans can change. In order to provide you with the best possible service, we need to know your arrival date and time or your flight number, so that we can schedule your pick-up. If you don’t know, you can choose an approximate date and day and then change it when you have the definitive information. If you are an aparca&go registered customer you have the option to change the arrival date and time as many times as necessary, via our app or website.
  • What happens to the price if I go over my return time?

    Our car park is a long-stay car park and charges for 24-hour periods. The price shown on your booking is calculated according to the 24-hour periods you indicated at the time of booking, but the actual amount is calculated according to the actual length of stay. The first 24-hour period begins from the actual day and time you enter the car park, when 24 hours pass, you are charged for the next 24 hours and so on until the day and time of your departure. On the last day, once the last 24-hour period has elapsed, aparca&go gives you two hours free of charge in case you are delayed. If the delay is longer than these two hours in addition to the last 24, you will be charged for another 24 hours. If you need more details, you can contact our customer service department at customer@aparcandgo.com
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