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Battery Change

Did you know that the most common reason to call a recovery vehicle is due to battery failure?
To keep your vehicle operational for many years, it’s very important to check the condition of your battery from time to time and to replace it when convenient. If it’s difficult to start your car in the morning, the dashboard warning light comes on or you notice that the lights don't illuminate well at night, now is the time to go the garage and get a new battery put in.

We know how difficult it is to find the time to take your car to the garage and for the mechanic to change the battery so you can carry on driving. But we have found the best solution: we replace it without you having to go to the garage, you just park your car.

How? You park at the aparca&go facilities and while you are travelling, during your working day, shopping or spending some time with friends we take your car to the garage to replace the battery. We then clean it and leave it in the parking space you parked in.

For this service, we work with a network of partners chosen for their quality standards as a guarantee: Midas, Rodri and BESORA-Bosch, among others.

No waiting, no stress, no hassle. And what’s more, by booking a battery replacement you can park for free at the aparca&go facilities.

6% discount only when booking from the App

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