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Returning to another terminal

You travel that we pass the ITV of your car

No waiting or wasting time. We take it to pass the ITV for you while you are traveling. You will no longer have to leave work early nor will it be necessary for you to take the whole morning to pass the ITV.

Returning to another terminal

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Why get your ITV done with aparca&go?

We pick up your car in our parking lot and take it to our nearest trusted ITV station. Once the technical inspection of your vehicle has passed, we leave your car in the place where it was parked ready to continue driving with all the papers in order and waiting for you to return from your trip and take it home.


We take care of everything

We take your car to the ITV station to pass the inspection and guarantee that it meets the safety conditions required when driving on public roads.


We will pass the ITV for you

We take care of everything: paperwork, appointment and transfer of the car to the ITV station.


You choose the service you prefer

You can choose between the 2 ITV services that we have: 1) Pass ITV or 2) Pre ITV + Pass ITV

Choose the ITV service you need

Not only do we offer a parking service, we also have Car Service, vehicle cleaning and we will even take care of your car's ITV.

The rates depend on each autonomous community and the type of vehicle

At El Prat Airport and Sants Station, the amount of the fees is as follows: Non-catalyzed tourism: €39.58 Catalyzed tourism: €40.60 Diesel tourism: 45 €.59

At Barajas Airport and Atocha Station the amount of the fees is as follows: Gasoline and electric tourism: €51.95 Diesel tourism : €59.95

Do the Pre ITV, ITV pass and park with a discount

  • With our Pre ITV + Pasar ITV service, the reservation of your parking space has a 25% discount (this discount is applied from €99 of consumption in Car Service)
  • This applies to both the Express and Premium services and both at airports and at stations
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Frequently asked questions about the ITV

Our centres


Peace of mind and safety against COVID19

Travellers’ and employees’ health is our main priority, which is why we take all health and safety measures into account.


Cleaning and disinfection

We regularly clean and disinfect all communal areas, bathrooms and minibuses.


Compulsory mask

Wearing a face mask is compulsory for employees and users.


Meticulous and safe

We prepare your car with protective covers on the steering wheel and seats.


Disinfection points

You will find hand sanitising gel at the entrance, in the bathrooms, communal areas and on the minibuses.

All the information on anti-COVID19 measures

6% discount only when booking from the App

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