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Apps that make traveling easier!

Mobile apps have revolutionized the way we travel, making every stage of the process easier, before, during, and after the trip. From planning itineraries to finding last-minute accommodation, these apps make traveling easier and more convenient than ever. With translation tools, offline maps, and tourist guides in your hand, exploring unknown destinations becomes a hassle-free experience.

We share with you some apps so that, from now on, you can organize your trips efficiently and without headaches.

Apps to search for flights

Skyscanner: A platform to search and book cheap flights quickly and easily. Track all the airlines that cover your route, offering options based on price, schedule, and stopovers. Ideal for travelers looking for convenience and efficiency when planning their flights from anywhere.

Kiwi: Similar to Skyscanner, this platform stands out for sometimes offering better deals and options. In addition, it has features such as creating alerts, reviewing itineraries, accessing boarding passes offline, which makes it very convenient and practical for travelers.

Hopper: This app is associated with airlines, hotels and car rental companies. It stands out for its ability to predict flight prices with high precision, helping users decide when to book. It is very popular in the United States but is also available in Spain.

Apps for accommodation

Booking: The best app for finding accommodation around the world. It allows you to search and book hotels, apartments and rural houses with ease. From the application, you can manage all the information about your reservation, including address, schedules and services. It also offers the option of contacting the accommodation directly to resolve doubts.

Airbnb: Another of the reference apps for accommodations because it offers an economic alternative to hotels by presenting accommodation options from individuals. The application is easy to use, allowing you to filter results by price, location and desired characteristics.

Planning Apps

Aparca&go: The app to make your trip more comfortable. Before getting on the plane or train, plan where to leave your car and make sure it is safe while you enjoy your vacation. Who better to keep your vehicle than us? In addition to taking care of your car, we take you to the boarding gate and pick you up when you return, and if you want to take advantage of the opportunity to get your car ready, you can do so with our workshop and maintenance services. We are much more than just a parking lot.

Triplt: Bring all your bookings, tickets and tickets together in one place. By simply forwarding confirmation emails, Triplt generates a complete travel itinerary with all the necessary information. Plus, it sends you reminders and alerts so you don't forget anything!

Packpoint: Don't know what to pack? Packpoint helps. Generate personalized lists based on destination, date, reason for travel and planned activities. Consider temperature, trip duration and other details to ensure you don't forget anything important. Yes, unthinkable, but this app exists!

Apps to get around your destination

DiscoverCars: Leading platform for car rentals, which tracks and compares options from hundreds of websites and companies. Its app allows you to find and manage rentals conveniently, with filters by price, vehicle features and office location. An essential tool to find the best car rental options during your travels.

Moovit: An essential app for travelers who rely on public transportation. Provides timetables and routes for trains, trams, metros, buses and ferries in a city. It offers real-time information on arrival times, allowing for accurate travel planning.

Omio: Search for means of transport and find the cheapest option. Especially useful for booking cheap train tickets in Europe, the US and Canada. The app allows you to search, book and manage tickets, with the option of paying via PayPal.

Maps. Me: Allows you to access downloaded maps, making it easy to locate and track your travel itinerary even without an internet connection. Just make sure you download the maps in advance when you have access to the internet.

Apps to find attractions and things to do

GetYourGuide: This app lets you find and book tours and excursions around the world. Its app allows you to search, book and manage a wide variety of activities, from guided walking tours to gastronomic experiences and event tickets.

SmartGuide: This app makes it different because it allows you to access audio guides created by tour guides and experts, offering relevant information about the history, art, culture and traditions of different destinations. Ideal for those who want to explore a city on their own and at their own pace.

Guruwalk: App to find free tours in any city in the world. It offers a variety of options depending on the city and theme. Although the tours are free, it is common to tip the guide at the end. It is advisable to book in advance, as these activities tend to fill up quickly.

Apps to manage finances

Splitwise: The best app to manage group travel expenses. It allows you to easily control and divide expenses. You just need to add the group members and record the payments, the app takes care of keeping the accounts and showing who owes or who is owed. Ideal to avoid misunderstandings in the group!

Revolut: Are you traveling abroad and don't know how to manage money? Revolut is the card of choice for traveling abroad, with a mobile application that allows you to control your expenses during the trip. It allows you to pay in establishments with a virtual card, share expenses, make transfers and use Bizum.

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