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The 9 cares and pampering that my car asks of me before and during the summer

In no time we have summer here and our car or van is already crying out for us to update it and prepare it for the expected season. It seems not, but the heat and long trips can affect our car and, as we like to take care of it, it is better that we follow these tips so that nothing is overlooked in view of the hottest season of the year.

Surely you have thought: the wheels. Well yes. They are important and must be reviewed when the heat approaches, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. There are other things just as or even more important.

This year, before going to town in the summer or before those vacations by car around the peninsula that you are waiting for so much, you will pamper your car, whether you go by your own car, or if you go in a rental car, or if you go in a van camper, motorhome or work van.

1 Pamper our battery

The average life of a car battery is five years, but yes, as long as you avoid, for example, parking it in places with high temperatures, if you remember to start by pressing the clutch well, if you are careful with electrical installations of your car and if you don't have it stopped for a long time. But, above all, to take care of your precious battery, if it is a car that sleeps on the street, let's say, park it in the shade. Remember that the battery is very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature.

2 Those wheels that take us everywhere

Now it is the turn of the wheels. Two words: pressure and status. Before the suffocating heat begins (and you know that in our cities and towns this usually happens before the famous change of season) it is vitally important to check the tire pressure and their condition. Hot asphalt and excess heat are harmful to our dear friends, the wheels, which support the entire weight of the car and carry us from here to there, so this can cause premature wear. Check them out and give them a little peek before the sun season.

3 Dear liquids of my vehicle, how are you?

Let's not only think about the coolant, we can also think about the level of the oil and the windshield washer fluid. Trusted maintenance workshops and chains will advise you to check their levels before and during the summer months.

4 Be careful with salt and not only because of high blood pressure: be careful with saltpeter

An extreme exposure to agents such as saltpeter can be our downfall. In spring we may not go to the beach much yet, but if we visit a promenade, we should be careful with the saltpeter. With what we like to bathe in the sea and how bad it feels that the saltpeter that this water contains is one of the main enemies of our car in summer and of the cars that park in coastal areas regularly. Salinity causes corrosion to occur, not only in cars, as you may have seen on some facades in coastal towns. If you want your car to look like the first day you have to pay attention to what we are going to tell you: when you wash your van or car, do not forget to clean the wheel arches, rims and tires. A good degreaser softens the salt and the pressure hose is hand of saint.

5 Watch out for the sand

This is also one more piece of advice for the summer itself, but now that the heat is beginning to tighten some days you will surely go to the beach, so be careful with the sand because it sneaks in everywhere. In summer, be aware of whether sand enters the car because that can damage your second home. Cars fill with sand when they are parked near the beach, so it is advisable to clean both the exterior and interior of the model to avoid damage.

6 Remember to clean the car more often than usual

Clean, clean and clean. Not only when you go on vacation and the people in town have to see your car. Always wash it carefully on the outside and inside. Some parts of the interior can be damaged by ultraviolet rays. Keep that in mind. The paint can be damaged if we park it a lot in the sun. If you clean it well and more frequently than in winter and autumn, you avoid bodywork, glass and upholstery problems.

7 Brakes and engine

I don't know if you knew that heat can cause your engine power to drop by as much as 15%. Constantly watch the needle that indicates the temperature of the engine to prevent it from reaching the red zone. If the cooling system is not working properly it can cause the engine to overheat, so keep an eye out for it. The brakes are affected as the pads are exposed to heat. Therefore, check the brakes before leaving on vacation in your trusted workshop.

8 Air conditioning

How important it is to drive at a good temperature. The interior temperature is essential during any journey to improve road safety (excessive heat can mislead us at the wheel). Having the air conditioning ready before summer will make our journeys more pleasant.

9 Before leaving on vacation, complete inspection of the vehicle

A good look from your trusted technician will make this summer's trip much better prepared. Do it with time, since we already know that later we go with a to do list that is too long for the trip. At least that catches us in time.

So now you know, take care of your car before and during the summer and it will thank you.

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