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Save time with aparca&go

We all know the advantages of travelling by train or plane, but in those moments before the journey, we often wonder why the pre-departure formalities are so tedious. Do you think that the whole process could be easier and faster? The answer is yes! There are some things we cannot control, but many others we can organise beforehand. At aparca&go we are obsessed with saving time, and that's the reason why we base our services on this premise. We always try to avoid as much as possible those procedures that waste time or hinder our arrival at our destination. Do you want to know how to save time by booking your parking at aparca&go?

Read on and find out how to park with us; you won't waste a minute.  


Tricks to optimise your time with aparca&go

Choosing aparca&go for your trips is the best option if you don't want to waste your time. With these tips, you'll save time, and you won't lose your good mood before your journey.

Register. If you are a registered customer at aparca&go, which is free and very simple, you could save your details in your account and make your booking faster.

Make a reservation. Book online for free and secure your parking space. Don't waste time looking for where to park when you travel.

Download the App. You will be able to book any aparca&go service from the App and manage your bookings, modifying, by yourself, the date and time of your booking, whenever you need to. You will also see your old and future bookings, tickets and invoices.

Reserve Premium. From the terminal to the boarding gate. We are the only parking company that offers this service, which is much quicker and easier than parking at AENA. With Premium, you save having to go to the car park, look for a space, park your car, collect your ticket, and queue to get in and out. If you contract this service, all you have to do, is let us know 15 minutes before you arrive at the airport, or your return, and we will pick you up or deliver the car to the Terminal door. 

Pay for your booking minutes before leaving the parking, through the App, you needn't to go to the ticket office. In addition, all your invoices will be in the App. You can access your history whenever you wish.

Quick access and exit lane to and from the parking. Forget about waiting and queues. 

Always stay up-to-date. We want our customers to make the most of their time. Through the App, you will be always informed about the service performed on your car, and you will have direct assistance with your mechanic.

Mechanic workshop and maintenance services for your car. Save time with our workshop, cleaning and ITV services while you're on the road and don't need your car. Are you running low on petrol? Don't worry, we'll also fill up your tank so that when you leave the parking, you don't have to go to the petrol station.

Check the screens of the Express Service minibus stations. On the minibus station screens, you will see the waiting time, which is no more than 5 minutes, and you will be able to organise yourself.

Respect the arrival and departure times. If you respect the schedule, you will not have to wait, but if you don't respect them, you will coincide with more users, and the service will not be as agile.

Change your booking if your flight is delayed. Update your reservation if you have any incident on your trip: delay, cancellation... it's free, and you won't have to wait. It's easy and quick from the app. 

Avoid rush hour whenever possible. From 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. is the peak hour in the car park. 

Proximity. Our parkings are so close to airports and stations that it will take you at most 5 minutes to get from your car to your departure point.

Next time you're at the airport, follow these tips and time it all. You'll get from the entrance to the gate in record time.

6% discount only when booking from the App

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