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Tips to pass the ITV, avoid fines and other sanctions

For all those who go through ITV, they don't like it or just want to live in peace. This article interests you.



Can ITV be passed before the due date?

The answer is yes, and you can also pass it while traveling, without stepping on the ITV.

The trick is to pass it within 30 calendar days before its expiration date. In such a way that if we carry out the inspection within 30 calendar days before the expiration date, the new effective date and ITV will not take into account that we have advanced and will start counting the day of the expiration date. / p>

Until 2017 this was not the case: if the deadline was, for example, October 15 and you passed the ITV on September 20, then you lost 25 days, because in the data sheet they put you as the effective date on September 20 of the year that the next inspection is due. Instead, now you keep the date even if you pass the ITV earlier of time. For the same example, your date would start on October 15.

Once the ITV expires, do I have time to spend it?

Once your ITV date has expired, there is no need to pass it. That is, your ITV expires on the day that indicates the expiration date and you can only pass it before that date. If you are late, you run the risk of being fined for expiring it.

What if my ITV expires and I'm going through it?

If you are stopped, the fine is € 200 and is considered a serious infraction, although you do not have points deducted from your card, and if you do not stop and arrive at the establishment where you pass the ITV, you will not be fined and you can pass the ITV without problem.

Can I be fined for not having an ITV pass if my car is parked and I do not intend to drive?

If you have an expired ITV and your car is parked, you will not get rid of the fine if you stop when an agent notices. The fine will be 200 euros, as it is considered serious, just like if you are driving with an expired ITV.

And if I don't pass the ITV, can I go home with my car?

If your ITV is unfavorable, the ITV station will grant its owner a maximum period of two months to repair the detected defects, in parking & amp; g, for example, if it is unfavorable, we will repair the damage and return it to you. until it is favorable, informing the client at all times of the situation and freeing him from that tedious procedure.

In normal situations, once the defects of the unfavorable ITV have been rectified, you must take it to the ITV station of your choice, so that they can check the repair of the defects and thus pass it again to get the favorable report. & nbsp; / p>

Unlike the unfavorable ITV that allows you to travel from the ITV station to the workshop and back to the station, the negative ITV means the complete immobilization of the vehicle. A negative ITV can be caused by several faults, including brake failures, fuel leaks, tires, etc. The fines for driving with unfavorable or expired ITV will be 200 euros while the penalties for driving with ITV Negative amount to 500 euros and all will receive a 50% discount for prompt payment. In future articles we will delve into this topic.

Don't be wary when it doesn't play, the ITV appointment won't save you from the fine if you've already expired it.

Yes, you read that right. Having requested an appointment at the ITV does not allow us to travel with the vehicle out of time, not even to travel to pass the ITV. The law understands that this is a lack of foresight and does not justify using a vehicle that could pose a danger to oneself and others.

To avoid fines and unforeseen circumstances, check your vehicle as soon as possible, see when you have to pass the ITV and think of a destination to go on a trip. You know that you can always get ITV within 30 days before it expires with & amp; go Car Service.

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