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Contest of 3 packs of 3 services to get your car ready for the next trip

Tires, swollen; windshield washer fluid, full; and fuel tank, full. The gift your car deserves.


We raffle 3 prizes of 3 packs with 3 car service services so that your car and those of the two people you choose are very happy.

Surely in summer you and your friends have planned to go somewhere. Tell us where you want to go and you could win a prize to have your car modeled at our car service before the trip.

This 3x3 contest includes 3 prizes of 3 packs of gasoline -a gift that, at present, we imagine that your friends will be very grateful for, as the market is-; tire inflation -to have them ready for the summer-; and refilling the windshield washer fluid tank so that no mosquito or any type of dirt on the road can resist you. Your windshields are going to dazzle! Your car will thank you.

How to participate in the contest
1 - Go to the aparca&go Instagram
2 - Follow us
3 - Like the 3x3 contest post (3 prizes of 3 packs of 3 services)
4 - Add a comment indicating where you want to travel this summer

The draw will take place between April 30 and May 2, 2022.

If it turns out that you are the winner, you will be able to choose two people so that both of them and you can benefit from this wonderful prize for tuning your cars with tire inflation, windshield washer fluid and fuel tank filling.

Than? Do you tell us on networks where you are going to travel to see if you get the prize? Cheer up! "I'm going on a trip to..."

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