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By consulting these web pages you will be up to date with the business world during the summer

There are many websites for entrepreneurs on the Internet that can help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to expand and improve their business, with a wide range of resources on offer. These are 7 of the most interesting.

1. EpicLaunch.com

Although this site is aimed at young entrepreneurs, it is full of resources, making it interesting for any entrepreneur regardless of their age. EpicLaunch is a great tool for any entrepreneur just getting into the startup world and has proven to be a catalyst for laying a solid foundation.

2. Quora.com

This one may seem obvious. Some of the most reputable entrepreneurs and leaders in the tech industry come to Quora to share information, making it one of the best websites for entrepreneurs when trying to get their questions answered.

3. AngelList.com

If we dream of finding an angel investor, this platform, a product of Venture Hacks, is ideal for new companies looking to raise capital from reliable investors. AngelList also has templates to keep attorney fees to a minimum.

4. OneVest.com

One of the most reputable crowdfunding sites. OneVest allows to raise a maximum of 5 million dollars from reliable investors. Ideal if crowdfunding is part of our starting strategy.

5. AllBusiness.com

It is one of the most complete website for entrepreneurs in terms of advice and suggestions. In it, we can find practically everything an entrepreneur needs to know, from office etiquette to internet marketing, which is why AllBusiness is one of the favorite daily queries of many small business entrepreneurs.

6. ChicCEO.com

Site designed especially for businesswomen. ChicCEO has numerous downloadable resources, from a wide variety of contracts to business plans. Although it is intended for women, it contains many resources that are suitable for both sexes.

7. StartupCompanyLawyer.com

If we do not have the budget to hire a full-time lawyer, at StartupCompanyLawyer we can obtain the necessary legal advice, through messages that address the most common questions.

Now you know. If at any time when you are on the beach or in the mountains you feel like catching up on the business world, here is our advice!

Happy holidays and don't work too hard!

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