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Park your car and take the opportunity to have it washed and cleaned in the meantime

Those renting cars of companies so long-suffering that they still carry child seats in the back with dark windows as they become a work space and business telephone meetings need a prize, a good face lift.

How lucky our clients' cars are because, in addition to being able to leave them well cared for and guarded in a trusted car park, they can find them washed and clean the day they arrive from their leisure or business trip to pick them up.

Perhaps you had never thought of saving time in this way during your leisure trip, with friends or family or during your business and work trip, but it is the perfect way to take advantage of the time you are traveling. You leave the car parked at aparca&go, take your flight or train and we wash it inside and out or just inside or just outside, whatever you choose. Imagine the feeling of stepping off the plane knowing that when you pick it up or when it's brought to you at the terminal, your beloved vehicle will be clean and ready to take you home.

Take advantage of your car park with a car wash and with any of the other aparca&go Car Services.

If what you want is to find your car clean when you return, choose the wash that interests you most at the time of booking and fly or take the train with peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will be safe.

If you were looking for a car park with washing, here it is: car wash by hand, with a vacuum cleaner, that they clean the windows of your car well and that you save yourself that work. What do you tell us?

Reserve your car park with washing. You can choose between a basic wash or a thorough one that leaves your car as if it were new. You leave us the keys and you don't have to worry about anything at all.

Types of washes:

1. Basic Exterior Wash. If you hire it you will have cleaning and waxing in the car wash, manual drying of bodywork, glass and exterior plastics, washing of tires with pressurized water and basic disinfection. It takes place the same day of delivery of the vehicle

2. Basic Interior Wash. Basic cleaning of the interior of the car (vacuuming the floor, cleaning interior surfaces and trunk and review of interior frames, doors and windows and basic disinfection). It is also done the same day the car is delivered to the customer

3. Full Car Wash. With this type of wash from the aparca&go Car Service you will have a basic exterior and interior cleaning, floor vacuuming, cleaning of interior surfaces and trunk and, also, review of frames, windows and doors. In addition, it includes cleaning and waxing in the washing train with manual drying and basic disinfection

4. Full Wash Plus. We could say that this is the most thorough cleaning of the entire aparca&go Car Service. It consists of a deep exterior and interior cleaning of the car (double vacuuming of interior surfaces, cracks, mats and trunk). Then we proceed to the cleaning and hand-drying of the rims, windows and vehicle bodywork. The icing on the cake is put by the waxing in the car wash, which makes the car look even better, if possible. It also includes basic disinfection. Come on, the car will be nickel-plated with this type of wash!

5. Thorough Upholstery Cleaning. The poor upholstery of the car always suffers from use, the passage of time, stains... Let's give it a little life. How about? It is a cleaning with the use of specialized machines to remove stains (both seats and side panels). Includes thorough micro-spray disinfection, which reaches all corners of the vehicle (This service is only available in the Atocha Parking)

In short, when you try the car park with cleaning, you will no longer want to leave the car in the car park without giving it a good bath in the car wash. And trust us, your car will thank you. A clean car, rented by a company or your own, looks much better and looks newer.

So you already know! To reserve with parking with washing!

6% discount only when booking from the App

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