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The 7 startups in the tourism sector that are in fashion. Imagine sleeping under the stars


Startups that fight against rural depopulation and apps that detect noise problems generated by guests. New technologies are revolutionizing the travel industry. From aparca&go we present some of the trendy startups and apps:

1. Wheel the World. Enables people with reduced mobility and companions to find adapted accommodation and activities

2. Travala. Allows the use of cryptocurrencies as currency to use their products

3. Seline. Offers inhospitable places to its guests to travel and work abroad indefinitely (from urban centers to the jungle)

4. Sonder. It provides hotel services without hotel formalities, that is, in Sonder everything is done through the app (customer service 24/7, Wi-Fi access, area guides, possibility of requesting late check-out)

5. Data Duopoly. It allows analyzing the flow of visitors in convention centers and other venues for events with the aim of detecting possible crowds and bottlenecks

6. Nilgo. Help reactivate the economy of rural areas of Spain at risk of depopulation thanks to unique experiences, such as sleeping under the stars, and accommodation that does not have an environmental impact

7. Noise Aware. App designed for vacation home owners. Use smart detectors that identify, prevent and solve noise problems caused by guests


Others: Cabana, Miles, Youtip, Trovatrip, Femmebnb, etc.

Did you know them? Which one would you like to download? Which one do you have? Is it useful to you?

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