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7 tips to better pack your suitcase

We are always in a hurry, up and down, but when we have to prepare a trip, surely many of us like to have everything ready a few days before (or, why kid ourselves, sometimes a few hours before).

That's why we want to help you pack your suitcase with these tips.:

1. Fold the clothes taking advantage of the space

Keep in mind the amount of clothing for your trip. The main objective is to take the least number of garments possible and that these are combinable with each other. One piece of advice is to plan in advance what you are going to wear each day and take only the essential pieces with you. We must take into account what climate we will find in our destination and look for the garment that is more versatile (parkas, mid-season jersey, thermal shirts, breathable sports socks, etc.)
As for footwear. The ideal thing when you go on a trip is to take at least 2 pairs of shoes, one to wear during the day that is comfortable and sporty and the other to rest your foot and let the shoe you have worn all day ventilate. Remember to wear the shoes that take up the most space and weigh the most on the day of the flight so you have more space in your suitcase!
We leave you this video:


2. Use vacuum bags

If you have to travel with coats, wool sweaters or, in general, your clothes take up a lot of space compared to the size of your suitcase, you can compress its volume to the maximum with a vacuum bag.


3. Choose the suitcase that suits your trip

Your trip and your preferences will define what type of suitcase suits you. At the time of choosing it, you must take into account its size, with what transport you are going to travel and if the measurements allow easy maneuvering, what maximum weight it can support and the weight to be checked, if you want to upload it to the cabin or check it in or have it take to the hotel, if you travel with a backpack, if you pack the suitcase in plastic or not, etc.




4. Hygiene products, liquids, etc.

If you check your suitcase you are free to come on board with your colognes, shampoos and makeup, but this fact does not make you pay more for your suitcases. Who says you don't want to come back with more souvenirs instead of 1 liter of shampoo? Fill and put in your suitcase the essential mini-sized containers that you need for your trip and eliminate from your list everything that the hotel can offer you or that you can buy in a supermarket once you arrive at your destination. For your colonies, use mini sizes, refillable bottles, etc. to avoid carrying extra weight and glass in your suitcase.



5. Delicate objects

Are you packing your suitcase at the hotel to return home and you have bought a delicate product and you don't know how to pack it so that it arrives safe and sound? Depending on the size of your souvenir you have different options:
If your souvenir is large and delicate, you can order a specialized company to send it to your address with guarantees that it arrives in one piece. Of course, if the shipping costs more than the product, you may have to invest too much!
If your souvenir is medium-sized and fits in a bag, you can check it in with you on the plane and make sure it gets the best possible treatment. Don't forget to wrap it well to protect it from any unforeseen blows
If your souvenir is small and you can carry it in your suitcase, make sure to wrap it well to prevent it from breaking and, also, to protect your clothes from possible stains and liquids. Wrap it in a bag and take advantage of your clothes to create a layer of cushioned protection resistant to the hustle and bustle of travel.



6. Bags, bags and more bags (that protect the environment, if possible)

The best thing is that they are organic (made of some specific material, paper or the typical ones made with potato peelings that break when you leave the greengrocer, but they are not even painted for the suitcase). In this way, we will damage the environment less. In any case, it must be said that it also happens to us that we are going to buy without the car or without the car and we end up buying a plastic one. Well, in that case, let's reuse the plastic bags to put them in our travel suitcase when we are preparing the suitcase. For dirty clothes, for wet clothes and for endless other things they can be very useful.



7. Review the list well

We already have the suitcase packed, but before closing it, let's check that we have packed everything. The best thing about making a list to put your things in the suitcase is the fact that you can mark all the checks. This will allow your suitcase to have everything and never forget the dental splint to rest at night or the short-sleeved shirts in case it gets hot at the end. There are those who are more digital and make the suitcase list in an application such as Microsoft To Do or any of the apps that exist to pack suitcases. Some prefer to do it on paper. Be that as it may, a good piece of advice for preparing your travel suitcase is to take into account all the seasons of the year (indicate in it both "swimsuit" and "warm slippers to go home or to the hotel") and that you go updating so that "baby bottles" do not continue to appear in it when your daughter is already seven years old or "fountain pen" to sign checks when you already do everything through the online signature


So now you know how to organize a suitcase well. Now go thinking about where you are going on a trip.

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