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Price comparison with the AENA Barcelona car park

Parking at Barcelona El Prat airport with aparca&go is between 30% and 70% cheaper than doing it with the official AENA car park.  

While parking over the weekend at aparca&go costs a total of €17.9 (Express service) and €29.85 (Premium Service - valet option), AENA offers its parking from €48 €.  

Furthermore, with aparca&go we leave you at the door of the terminal and unlike the AENA car park, you don't have to cross long walkways, cross terminals or go up and down floors to get to the departures and billing area correctly. the terminal. Aparca&go Express leaves you at the Departures gate, and aparca&go Premium picks up your car at the terminal gate so that you only have to get out of the car and go in to check-in.

Aparca&go ended AENA's monopoly at the airport  from El Prat in 2009 and since then, we have continued to improve prices and help you not to waste time, travel more easily and spend what is fair.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us as many as you want.

Parking cheaply to travel for any reason has never been easier and cheaper. 

6% discount only when booking from the App

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