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New terms and conditions to accumulate euros as a registered user in aparca&go

At aparca&go we have changed the points for euros. From now on, as a registered user, you will have more advantages, new promotions and many facilities to accumulate and use your euros. 

Find out about the new terms and conditions for accumulating euros.

1. Requirements to generate euros

  • You have to register at aparca&go. You can sign up with your name and email address or with just one click using your Google or Facebook account. Sign up now!
  • Identify yourself and log in on the website or the App, when you'll make a reservation. If you want to accumulate euros, you'll be sure you are logged in to your aparca&go account when you book any services.

2. How do I earn euros?

You will accumulate euros on all services, which you can deduct in future bookings, both parking and mechanic workshop and maintenance services. You will get in euros the equivalent of 3% of the total amount of the service if you book it through the web and 6% if you book it through the App.

  • The euros will be generated after every checkout, once you have paid off the contracted service. 
  • You will receive in euros the equivalent of 3% of the total amount of your booking, if you booked through the App, the amount will be 6%.
  • The euros generated will be accumulated. You can check your balance in your user account.

3. When my euros expire

The euros generated in a reservation will be available for exchange within the next 15 months. If you do not use them, they will expire and take off from your available balance.

4. How can I use my euro balance

You can use your accumulated euro balance whenever you want.

  • When you decide to use it, you can deduct it directly from the total amount of your reservation, for parking and mechanic workshop and maintenance services.
  • The amount accumulated will be fully deducted. If your accumulated euros are more than the amount of your reservation, the surplus will be available in your account.
  • The accumulated euros you use will be blocked at the time of booking and will be definitively deducted when the booking is settled.
  • You will not accumulate euros on bookings where you already use earned euros, a coupon, a code or a discount.
  • The accumulated euros will be linked to your user account and cannot be transferred to any other account.

5. Where can you use your accumulated euros

The accumulated euro could be used in any of our services, parking and mechanical and maintenance service. There are no restrictions.

Remember that you can always check your accumulated balance by logging into your account, from the App or our website.

6% discount only when booking from the App

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