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New routes that the Barcelona and Madrid airports will have this summer 2023

Do you know which are the new air routes planned for this summer at Madrid and Barcelona airports? Spanish airports open the summer season with a wide range of tourist destinations, recovering flights that had been closed due to the pandemic and opening new routes that give us the opportunity to discover more destinations. The summer panorama is full of novelties!

The airlines that operate in the two main Spanish airports, Barcelona-El Prat and Madrid-Barajas, resume their activity, not only matching their offer to that of 2019 but also increasing the routes and frequency of flights per week to the main destinations.

The opening of new air routes, in addition to allowing us to reach more national and international destinations, increases the possibility of finding more competitive airfares. We have compiled the most recent openings so that you can choose where you want to fly on your next vacation.

New destinations from Madrid

Currently, the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport has a total of 175 destinations operated by 74 companies. Below we will tell you what the latest additions have been for this summer 2023.

If you want to move within Europe, the Air France-KLM company returns to start its flights at 100% from Madrid. For its part, the Norwegian airline Norwegian, after 3 years without operating in the Spanish capital, will begin this summer to offer flights to Copenhagen twice a week and four to Oslo.

The Spanish company Iberia consolidates its presence in France, Italy and Portugal with flights to the most popular destinations such as Paris-Orly, Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, Bologna, Turin, Lisbon and Porto. In addition, in Spain, it fully recovers the Barcelona-Madrid Air Shuttle, offering 15 daily departures in both directions.

One of the geographical areas that has increased its offer the most for this coming season has been Latin America. Iberia, from Madrid-Barajas, in addition to maintaining one flight a day to Santiago de Chile, also adds Lima, Sao Paulo, Santo Domingo, San José de Costa Rica, Panama, Havana and San Juan de Puerto Rico to its list of destinations recurring. To these are also added Guatemala and the two main cities of Ecuador: Quito and Guayaquil.

In North America, Iberia increased its flights to the United States from Madrid by 15%. Other companies such as British Airways and American Airlines are also resuming their presence in Miami, New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago. For its part, Aeroméxico will increase its departures from Madrid to Monterrey and Guadalajara this summer, while Air Europa begins its presence in Argentina with a daily flight to Córdoba.

If you are interested in discovering the impressive landscapes of Africa, this year Iberia together with the African company TAAG Angola Airlines offer shared flights between Madrid and Luanda. In addition, the Spanish airline activates its three top destinations in Morocco; Casablanca, Marrakech and Tangier, with several weekly flights.

Long-distance flights to Asia, the Indian Ocean and the Far East have also been reactivated thanks to the reduction or elimination of anti-covid measures and the opening of some countries such as Thailand, Japan or New Zealand that had remained closed until now as the pandemic prevention.

However, the price of tickets to this part of the world has become more expensive. The war in Ukraine has meant that the European companies that fly in this direction have had to change the route of their flights, which means an increase in travel hours, gasoline and, by default, in the price.

As Aena indicates, currently only 7 of the 175 routes that depart from Barajas airport are headed for the Middle East and Southeast Asia, some destinations are Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dubai and Jeddah.

New destinations from Barcelona

The Barcelona-El Prat airport has recently communicated the start of its summer air campaign last March and will be active until October 28. There are several companies that have opted for this airport to install new routes or expand their offer.

In its planning for the season, El Prat has scheduled 20 new international routes, 3 national routes and 3 long-haul routes to Canada, the United States and Cuba.

For those who want to stay in Spain, from Barcelona, they can fly to Asturias, Lanzarote or Tenerife. But if you prefer to go out but not go too far, there are some nearby options in Europe, the United Kingdom and Morocco that you can consider. Ryanair will have 14 aircraft based in Barcelona this summer and will offer 5 new routes linking Barcelona with Faro (Portugal), Gdansk (Poland), Newcastle (United Kingdom), Ouarzazate (Morocco) and Trieste (Italy).

Within the entire offer of the Barcelona-El Prat airport, the expansion of international routes stands out above all.

This winter the Level company reactivated its flights to Latin America with four departures a week from Barcelona to Santiago de Chile and also to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Other destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean that you can travel to are Bogotá, Cancun, Havana, Sao Paulo or Punta Cana, very desirable in the summer season.

North America has also increased its destinations mainly thanks to the Level and American companies. You can travel to Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco.

On the other hand, the Westjet airline will begin connecting the Catalan capital with three destinations in Canada in May. This service will be available until October and will have a frequency of three flights a week from the end of May. The Canadian company will fly to Toronto, Montreal and Calgary, and will provide the only direct flight between the province of Alberta and Spain.

The area of Asia, India and the Far East will also be connected to Barcelona airport, from where it will be possible to travel to Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dubai, Jeddah, Singapore and Seoul.

We are happy to know that air mobility is resumed regularly and that the restrictions we have been accustomed to in recent years are diminishing or disappearing.

We want to travel!

Do you already know what your destiny will be this summer? Consult the list of all the international routes of Barcelona and Madrid airports.

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