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Bilbao, second stop on our tour through Spain

An artistic and gastronomic walk through this city of contrasts

We continue the celebration and also our tour through Spain! From the south we travel to the north, and we stop in Bilbao, a small city with a lot of charm where you can enjoy the contrasts of the city and taste the magnificent Basque gastronomy.

A city of design and contrasts

Bilbao has become one of the most interesting cities to visit in Spain due to the city's architectural wealth. It mixes avant-garde buildings, created by prestigious architects, with the tradition of the old town.

Walking through its streets is a visual pleasure!

  • The Guggenheim Museum became a icon of the city since its creation in 1997. Its famous architect, Frank Gehry, used 33,000 titanium sheets to shape it. Inside, you will find one of the most important private collections of modern and contemporary art in the world.
  • The Old Town is the best place to stay and feel this city. This area is also known as Seven Streets, since in the beginning Bilbao was made up of only these 7 streets. Getting lost among them while having some “pintxos” is the best plan for any day you are there. Take note of these streets:
    • Calle Somera
    • Artacalle
    • Tendería
    • Belosticalle
    • Carnicería Vieja
    • Barrencalle
    • Barrencalle Barrena

The best way to get to know Bilbao is by taking a walk along La Ría, the city's main artery. La Ría will take you to places such as the Bizkaia Bridge, a World Heritage Site, the Isozaki Towers or the Calatrava Bridge.

In Bilbao, gastronomy is also an art

If you are a lover of good food, Bilbao is your city. As a fact, we will only tell you that it is one of the places in the world with the most Michelin Stars per person.

Do you want to enjoy the most typical dishes of the city? Here you have some of them so that you can whet your appetite.

  • Marmitako, a perfect dish for the cold season. It is a stew of tuna with potatoes and vegetables cooked over very slow heat. This is a reference in Basque cuisine.
  • Kokotxas, a dish that was born from the discarded parts of the fish and that has become a delicacy. Kokotxas are the lower part of the chin of the hake that are usually served in green sauce or the famous “pil-pil”.
  • Of course, a pintxos tour cannot be missing from your menu! Always accompany them with a zurito, a glass of wine or a txakoli.
  • For those with a sweet tooth, good news, you can enjoy some of their best-known desserts: the Pantxineta, a puff pastry cake filled with pastry cream, the Goxua, a sponge cake in syrup with whipped cream or the Intxaursalsa, a walnut cream. Which one do you prefer?

Always have an umbrella in your suitcase

The weather in Bilbao is unpredictable, but if one thing is certain, it is that having an umbrella on hand will always be a good idea.

In Bilbao it rains even more than in London, but thanks to that the landscapes are so green. We could say that rain in Bilbao is an essential part of the experience in this city. Also, we already know, everyone goes to Bilbao to eat, so don't worry, put your umbrella in your suitcase and if it rains, enjoy the pintxos even more!

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