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'When do I have to go to pass the ITV?' 'When should I renew the policy?' These apps will remind you

You already know that at aparca&go we offer you all kinds of car service services and that you can complete your parking reservation with these services. In fact, surely you have already used them once, taking advantage of the fact that you parked here and surely you have everything related to your car under control because you like to take care of it. Really, if you consider yourself a good driver, you will be interested to know that being up to date on when to go to the workshop "helps to prolong the life of the vehicle", as we have read in an article on the web version of La Vanguardia, so If you want to have a grade of 10 as a driver, these mobile applications can help you achieve perfection.

Keeping everything related to your vehicle up to date will be very easy with these apps. To us, for example, as drivers, they help us to control the oil level in the car, to keep track of the gearbox (that great forgotten one that we only remember when our trusted mechanic tells us about it), examine brake fluid, check pads, inspect timing belt for proper function.

These apps will also allow you to know exactly how much you are spending on your car (on fuel, for example). Many of these apps, in addition, another good thing about them is that they are compatible with Android and iOS and can be used in several vehicles. For companies, this is great since they allow detailed access to each rental vehicle and observe the consumption comparisons of employees in a company, as they say in the La Vanguardia article that we mentioned.

As we were saying and as you surely know, at aparca&go we have car service services and we have set out to be your trusted mechanic, especially when you travel and leave the car with us because there is nothing we like more than taking care of our customers and save them time. What could be more productive than the fact that we give you the ITV, clean and wash your car or change the oil in your vehicle while you are on your way by plane to your quarterly business trip to the headquarters of your company in Portugal, for example? It's about making the most of your time and with aparca&go and these apps you'll achieve it.

1) CarController. It is available for iOS and allows you to control and compare expenses, consumption and kilometers traveled. It also makes it possible to manage refueling, fuel consumption, inspections and breakdowns, as well as tire replacement

2) Mis Coches. This app available for Android is ideal if what you want is to know the expenses of one or more vehicles in detail and collect all the incidents

3) Acar. Very clear statistical graphs. This is the added value of this popular Android application. For some, the best app to keep up to date with vehicle maintenance. It allows you to control one or more cars at the same time and see the comparisons of their expenses. The four main areas that this app makes it possible to control are: filling the tank, repairs, trips or journeys and expenses

4) Vehic. This app available for iOS works like an agenda in which it is possible to write down the history of revisions and repairs, oil changes, refueling, expiration date of the ITV, etc. One of the most revealing functions of Vehic is that of being able to mark on the map the exact point where the car has been parked, a topic that we have already talked about in aparca&go (in the article about apps that remind you where you have left the vehicle) and that we are very interested as drivers, especially when we go to a city that is not ours

5) Fuel. One of the most important features and characteristics of Fuelio (available for Android) is that it calculates how many liters of fuel have been consumed between each refueling. In addition, it allows you to track more than one car, even those bi-fuels with two tanks (for example, gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas)

Which one are you going to download? We like all five because each one has its particularities. We are going to try them and tell you how each one goes. Have you tried any already? Are there any that you miss in this list that we have made from aparca&go?

When you have it downloaded, remember that at aparca&go we have a car service that can be the ideal complement for your car park. While you leave the car in aparca&go (during your leisure or business trip), we can update your vehicle with our services when these apps notify you that you have to update something in your car.

You know: to take care of your car. Have a good trip or journey, whatever you are going to do today, and have a great day, driver.

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