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Reasons why aparcandgo is a leader in security

One of the essential requirements when choosing an airport or station car park is security. When you travel, it's important to leave your car in a place where you know it will be fully cared for and protected during your absence. Therefore, it is best to opt for one that has a closed area, video surveillance cameras and that has damage and civil liability insurance, among other security requirements.

If you are planning a getaway and you must choose a car park , aparca&go is the safest option. Because? Because we comply with the most rigorous security standards on the market, which you won't even find in official car parks. With us, your car is in the best hands.

Advantages of leaving your vehicle in a guarded parking lot

Do you know why leaving your car in an aparca &go car park is your best option? First of all, because what matters most to us is your peace of mind and for that we promise to keep your car safe as long as it is with us. In addition, our parking service is fully designed to cover your needs and those of your vehicle while you are enjoying your trip.

  • 24-hour guarded parking lots. We have parking spaces permanently monitored by our staff. They make rounds throughout the compound to check that everything is in order.
  • Security cameras. We have strategically placed cameras that record 24 hours a day. Your car will be guarded 24/7. In addition, our staff is in charge of controlling and reviewing the material. In case of incident or doubt, the images can be recovered and what happened is reviewed.
  • Liability insurance. As if surveillance were not enough, we are the only car park that also has civil liability insurance, which covers damage, if any, to your vehicle in all our car parks.
  • Entrance and exit ticket offices. We have staff at the ticket offices 24 hours a day, to prevent the entry of unauthorized or suspicious persons. Our ticket office staff will also help you if you have any problems. They are at your disposal.
  • Fenced area. In our car parks there are limiting fences and wire fences that close the perimeter of the enclosure, to keep the space delimited and prevent outside personnel from entering.
  • Identified personnel in official uniform. Our staff is always equipped with the official aparca&go uniform so that you can recognize them quickly and there is no confusion. In addition, all of our employees carry official company identification. If you have doubts, ask for it.
  • Car parks close to the main stations and airports. We have very well located car parks, just five minutes from the stations and airports of Madrid and Barcelona. You will park your car in a visible and busy area, which is much safer than any space far from inhabited areas, where acts of vandalism or robberies can take place with greater impunity.
  • Shuttle service. We bring you to the departure area with our minibuses. Fast and comfortable, you will always arrive on time. You will not get lost, you will always be accompanied. The aparca&go staff will take you and pick you up at the terminal.
  • Luggage. Your luggage can only be moved by authorized aparca&go personnel . No one else will touch your bags.
  • Lost objects. With us you will not lose anything. If you leave something in one of the transfers, we will keep it for you. We check the vans that make the transfers after each trip.
  • We register the delivery of your car in Premium. The driver who picks up your car at the terminal will take a video of your car so that you can be sure that we return it to you just as you delivered it.
  • We have at your disposal a customer service telephone number for emergencies. No matter what happens, we are by your side to help you solve any problem that may arise.

Keeping your car protected during your trips is very easy, you just have to book in advance in any of our car parks. We take care of your vehicle during the entire time you are away because we want you to enjoy yourself and forget about everything.

Travel calmly, leave your worries parked

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