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Next destination, A Coruña, Galicia's most vibrant city

We continue celebrating our 15 years in this city of magical sunsets with views of the Atlantic

In A Coruña “Se festeja” (they celebrate) because this vibrant city never stops. Day and night, there is always good vibes and something to do. We invite you to celebrate our 15th birthday by touring this city of streets, squares and medieval churches.

Wild nature, dreamy sunsets and streets with history

According to what they say, life is very good in Coruña. Do you want to check it out for yourself? So that you can feel and experience the city as well as its people, don't miss our recommendations.

  • Start your route in the center of the city, in the Plaza del Obelisco. Leave the map in your pocket and immerse yourself in the streets of the old city, a witness to A Coruña's history. You will be able to see such emblematic places as the Town Hall, in a modernist style, the Church of Santiago, the Plaza de Azcárraga, the Plaza de María Pita or the Jardín de San Carlos, among others.
  • Watch the sunset from the Tower of Hercules. This Romanesque lighthouse is the only one still in operation and is located in a unique place, in the Atlantic Finisterre. Watch the sun disappear over the horizon and take a walk through the sculpture park that accompanies the lighthouse, where you can see figures that represent the origins of the tower and the city.
  • A leisurely morning walk along the coast cannot be missing from your trip. The Paseo Marítimo de Coruña has the title of the longest urban promenade in Europe, with more than 13 kilometers surrounding the sea. Put on good shoes and follow this path to the Tower of Hercules, continue to the Aquarium Finisterre, which is well worth a visit to discover the seascape, and finish at Orzán beach.
  • How about a stop at the market to see the seafood fresh from the fish market? Stop by the San Agustín Market, a traditional market that became popular in the 1930s due to its parabolic roof, a symbol of the city's modernity.

Galician gastronomy, a celebration of the sea and mountains

An important part of every celebration is the food. In Coruña, you can taste the typical dishes of Galician cuisine, where the best of the sea and the mountains come together.

  • The classic that cannot be missed is Pulpo a feira (Galician-style octopus). A cooked octopus, sliced and seasoned with oil and plenty of paprika.
  • Marisco da Costa da Morte, unsurpassed quality and unique flavor. Thanks to its varied marine ecosystem, you can find delicacies of all kinds; Fisterra longueirón, spider crabs, lobsters, crayfish, octopus, crabs... finger-licking good!
  • The Galician empanada is another star product. With a homemade dough prepared just like bread, it can be filled with seafood (tuna, cod, cockles, etc.) or farm products (beef, chicken, etc.).
  • The seafaring tradition is a fact, which is why the vast majority of A Coruña dishes include fish or seafood. For example, the fish Caldeirada, another essential. Made with fish such as stingray, monkfish or hake, accompanied with onion, potatoes and of course, paprika.
  • And for a good vermouth, a good cheese board. Don't forget to delight yourself with the great variety of Coruña cheeses, some with as much renown and awards as the Savel from Lugo, from Arias Moniz, or the Olavidia, from Quesos y Besos.

You can find these dishes in the Pescadería Vella area, in the city center, around the Plaza de España and in the Cuatro Caminos, A Gaiteira and Os Castros areas where inns and restaurants are everywhere.

Even if it's sunny, always wear a jacket

Winter in A Coruña is harsh, it rains continuously, but for that reason it is also the best time if you want to see this city in its splendor.

The seasons of autumn, spring, and summer are uncertain. Even if it's sunny, a jacket will always come in handy. Contrary to popular belief, it is hot in this area, but the nights are sure to be cool. So don't trust yourself and put short clothes in your suitcase and also to cover yourself. You will be right for sure.

You will leave A Coruña with what they call “morriña”, we know. But don't cry, because our journey continues and there are still many destinations to discover, keep participating!

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