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aparca&go New Car Services and ITV Services

You already know that parking with aparca&go means handing over your car to trusted people who will take you wherever you need to be on time and welcome you back with a smile. It means travel with extra comfort. It means having the confidence that everything will be fine.

After 11 years being the parking for your trips, we have realized that we can help you even more. We can help you save time while you travel, and apply the best of the service you already like (quality, speed, fair price and transparency) to more areas of your life.

Today we announce that to your favorite parking service we are adding aparca&go Car Service, and the aparca&go ITV, thus creating the first car maintenance service worldwide for travelers. Finally an alternative to take the car to the workshop or to the ITV without losing time from your day to day: we will go for you, while you do not need the car.

We maintain your car, we do the official tune-up (yes, with a warranty book seal), we refuel your car, we change the battery ... we even pass the ITV for you. Literally whatever you need. Really. We have created an option that is “ask us anything”.

How does it work?

Tt's simple, fast and transparent. During your reservation you will see the option to add services to your stay. In the case of Car Service, just by entering your license plate you will have, in real time, the exact cost of your maintenance service. No tricks. No price changes. We put the latest technology at your service.

In addition, you will have already noticed the new website, and you will have come across the new logo, the new image. You will also notice a change in our social networks, where things are already happening. If you weren't following us until now, now is the time.



















All this movement is part of the return that we have given to aparca & go, and if we are honest, we want that from now on you will not see us only as a parking lot, but as your travel companion. We will work to make it so.

Because together we will ensure that parking next to the airport or station takes you to your destination with a smile on, like the one in the new logo.


Welcome to the new aparca&go.
After so many years, this journey has only just begun./p>


6% discount only when booking from the App

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