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Loyalty Program Conditions

Aparca&go points program” is the loyalty program through which Aparca & Go S.L., (hereinafter, “aparca&go”) provides its customers with the services of: (i) obtaining and exchanging parking&go Points for services and products in the manner and terms set forth in these Conditions, (ii) ) automatic retrieval of your personal data in reservation operations and the purchase of products and services through the website www.aparcandgo.com and its mobile application, (iii) consultation of the history or extracts of the aforementioned purchase operations and (iv) sending commercial information about the products and services offered by aparca&go on its website, www.aparcandgo.com and mobile application; all this, in the form and terms set forth in these Program Conditions Parking&go points program.

1. Definitions:
To facilitate reading, we define the terms contained in this Document below, in capital letters and in alphabetical order:

COMMUNICATION CHANNELS: these are the means by which each Member of the aparca&go Points Program can contact aparca&go. In particular, they include: (i) electronic message to the e-mail address frequent@aparcandgo.com, (ii) the web environment of the aparca&go Points Program, once the access codes have been entered correctly, (iii) the customer service telephone number of each car park and (iv) the mobile application.

CONDITIONS OF THE aparca&go POINTS PROGRAM: is the set of basic rules established by aparca&go to regulate the aparca&go Points Program and contained in this Document.

MEMBER: is the person who, in accordance with the Conditions of the aparca&go points Program, has been validly registered in said Program, which implies the express acceptance of these Conditions.

POINTS PLAN: is the complementary document to the Parking&go Points Program that includes (i) all the operational information on the Parking&go Points that can be obtained with the consumption of certain services or products, (ii) the services and products that can be obtained by redeeming aparca&go Points, and (iii) the necessary number of aparca&go Points for each exchange or redemption operation, which may vary at any time in accordance with the Points Plan.< /p>

PUNTOS aparca&go: are those received by Members of the aparca&go Points Program and originate from the consumption of aparca&go services or products. Collaborators.

2. Participation in the aparca&go points program:
To be part of the aparca&go points program you must take into account the following requirements and conditions:

i. The Member of the aparca&go Points Program expressly undertakes to provide truthful, exact and up-to-date data. So if aparca&go detects the provision of data that does not respect said obligation, it may unsubscribe said Member, unless the Member duly proves compliance with said conditions.

ii. When the Member of the aparca&go Points Program provides personal data of third parties, they must have their express written consent to be able to record their data in the Member's profile in the aparca&go Points Program. Consequently, aparca&go may request the Member to prove at any time that said consent has been obtained, so that if the Member does not provide sufficient evidence, aparca&go will unsubscribe, after blocking their data, from the Program Member aparca&go points, without prejudice to the claim for damages arising from said breach.

iii. The Member of the aparca&go Points Program must duly complete the application for joining the Program that appears on the website www.aparcandgo.com or in the mobile application, accepting these Conditions of the aparca&go Points Program. The personal data that the Member provides within the framework of the development of the aforementioned Program will be processed by aparca&go in accordance with the privacy policy indicated in section 3 of these Conditions.

iv. Membership in the aparca&go Points Program is personal in nature, and the rights derived from such status cannot be transferred to a different person in any case.

v. Each Member, upon signing up for the aparca&go Points Program, will receive an identification code. Similarly, the Member must enter a password that together with their identification code will constitute their access keys. Each Member of the aparca&go Points Program will be responsible for the custody of their password and their identification code, both being personal and non-transferable. aparca&go may inform Members of the need to change the password for security reasons. aparca&go will recognize Members of the aparca&go Points Program when they operate in the online channel or mobile application, by means of their identification code and will allow access to the personal account only by entering the password. aparca&go will not be in any way responsible for the consequences of access by third parties using the identifier and password of an aparca&go Points Program Member.

saw. The loss of the identification code or password must be reported to aparca&go immediately through any of the Communication Channels referred to in Clause 1 above.

vii. Adherence to the aparca&go Points Program is free of charge for Members.

viii. Each Member of the aparca&go Points Program will be assigned an aparca&go Points Program account in which the aparca&go Points will be listed in order to indicate the balance of aparca&go Points at all times, as well as a history of the Purchase operations of products and services acquired online through the website www.aparcandgo.com by the Member, which will be personal and non-transferable.

ix. The duration of the aparca&go Points Program Program is established for an indefinite period of time. However, aparca&go reserves the right to terminate the aforementioned Program at any time, offering a prior notice period of 3 months with respect to the date on which it should be considered terminated. From the date the Program ends, its Members may exchange the parking&go Points they have accumulated for a maximum period of 6 months. These temporary terms will not apply when the termination is due to causes beyond aparca&go.

x. Points not redeemed or redeemed will expire within 6 months of obtaining them.

3. Data protection:
1. In accordance with the applicable regulations on data protection, aparca&go informs its Members that the personal data that they communicate to it on the occasion of participation in the aparca&go Points Program Program will be incorporated into a file owned by de aparca&go and processed for the purpose of offering loyalty services to its Members, including those indicated below:

i. Manage the registration and cancellation of the Member in the Program Points Program aparca&go.

ii. Manage the exchange of accumulated points.

iii. Allow its Members to consult the history or extracts of the purchase operations of products and services carried out through the website www.aparcandgo.com, after entering the username and password of the respective Member.

iv. Provide the service of automatic recovery of Member data in the processes of purchasing products and services carried out on the website www.aparcandgo.com, after entering the username and password of the respective Member.

v. Carry out administrative, fiscal, accounting and commercial management activities for the loyalty of its Members. For this purpose, incidents that occur under the aparca&go Points Program will be reported and newsletters will be sent to the Member with personalized offers of the products and services offered by aparca&go and its Collaborating Entities through its website, www.aparcandgo.com.

2. aparca&go informs its Members that the fields of personal data requested by aparca&go in the “Registration Data” Section that do not present any marking are mandatory, and without them the services of the Program cannot be provided Program of aparca&go points listed in the previous section of this Clause, while all other data requested by aparca&go and marked with (*) are optional, although refusal to provide them will make it impossible for aparca&go to provide more personalized service of the services included in the program Program of points aparca&go.

3. Members may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition at any time, by writing to Bcn 6 Balear Alternativa Group S.L., Ctra. Antigua de Valencia, km 4.3, 08830 Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona) accompanied by photocopy of the official document that identifies them.

4. Earning points:
1. The aparca&go Points will be obtained by booking (at least 8 hours before use) and subsequent use of our car parks at Airports and Train Stations, provided that at the time of such contracting or acquisition the customer identifies as a member of the aparca&go points program.

2. The aparca&go Points Program account will be updated daily based on the aparca&go Points obtained and consumed by the Members of the aforementioned Program.

3. The transfer of aparca&go Points between Members is not allowed. However, the designation by the Member of the aparca&go Points Program of a beneficiary for the enjoyment of the services or products obtained with the redemption of aparca&go Points is allowed.

5. Redemption or exchange of aparca&go Points:
1. To proceed with the exchange or redemption of aparca&go Points under the aparca&go Points Program, it will be necessary to identify yourself as a Member of the aforementioned Program by proving your identity. You will not accumulate points if you use a promotional code.

2. Unredeemed Points will expire within six months of obtaining them.

3. Parking&go Points can only be exchanged for discounts that are available at any time and established in the Points Plan. Parking&go Points are not redeemable for money under any circumstances. The aparca&go Points cannot be supplemented with money for the acquisition of the services or products established at any time in the Points Plan.

6. Other conditions:
1. Modifications to the Conditions of the aparca&go Points Program: aparca&go may at any time modify the Conditions of the aparca&go Points Program Program, respecting the rights already acquired by Members. You can also modify the Points Plan without prior notice.

2. Applicable law and jurisdiction: These aparca&go points Program Conditions are governed by Spanish laws and regulations. Under articles 23.1 and 23.2, in relation to article 15.3, all of them of Regulation (CE) 44/2001, of the Council of December 22, 2000 on judicial jurisdiction, except for cases in which the Member is considered a consumer, the parties expressly agree to waive the jurisdiction that may correspond to them, and that the international judicial jurisdiction to hear any disputes arising from these Conditions will correspond to the Spanish courts and tribunals and, specifically, to the courts and courts of the city of Barcelona.

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